Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Chicken Basque

There is a sparrow hopping along my balcony, funny how something as small as this can lift your spirits. 
All in all it's been a good day though, made really good progress with the architect (designing a small village house in Alhaurin de la Torre) and he liked my model (yes surprised him with that one, and no I wont upload a photo in case any of my fellow ex architecture students see). I went for a lovely lunch and feel good after a swim. 

I was asked to cook dinner tonight for a Canadian family 10 in all, and all so lovely. I made a chicken basque with plenty of chorizo picante and fresh oranges from the tree, and then a chocolate hazelnut cake with ice cream, all delivered with salad, baguette and a bottle of red. 
This is the kind of cooking that's a joy, no silver service or endless courses, just delivering it for people to enjoy with their nearest and dearest.

Now.. what to cook for my family? ...

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