Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Lamb chops with Warm Orzo Salad

Which is more sad? - That I am watching Masterchef with a bag of popcorn, on my own OR that I cleaned out my fridge today and took a picture to show you?

Well both activities are worth a mention because this popcorn is the best I have ever tasted... and the fridge clearing resulted in a really yummy dinner made with things in there I had forgotten about! I kept the pasta sauce quite raw and only cooked for a minute before stirring through the hot orzo. It worked really well, like a lighter, fresher version of risotto.

Yummy popcorn, too moreish.


Didn't realise how many jars I had in there, time to use some stuff up.

Raw & minced artichoke, chopped garlic, capers and one skinned tomato

Add fried onions and thyme

Finish with a squeeze of lemon juice over the chops :P

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