Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Retro/decadent chocolate cake

YUM. I made a cake today to take to a friend's tomorrow night, there are only four of us eating so its not huge but oh boy will it be delicious and rich. All the modelling is made from white, milk or dark chocolate paste.. I used paste that was made from Callebaut Belgian chocolate (good quality stuff) and you can really taste the difference and feel the difference.

The cake is a triple layer dark chocolate sponge sandwiched with ganache and I smoothed it over with white vanilla buttercream before covering it in white chocolate to make it stick and just in case the dark chocolate showed through.

I then covered the board in more white chocolate paste and used a textured rolling pin to get the effect below...
Then using a beading press I made beading to run around the bottom of the cake.
I then made chocolate fans with a polka dot polling pin and dark chocolate roses and rose leaves. The balls sort of fill the gaps and the shards are made with transfer sheets and then snapped. I stuck everything to the cake with melted chocolate mmmmmmm

Finally dusted with mother of pearl and bronze dust and voila ... done. Looking forward to slicing it up tomorrow!


Miyuki said...

It's lovely! What did it look like sliced?

James said...

Wow, yum!!