Monday, 1 February 2010

Beetroot salad

Hannah and I went to Wallace & Co for coffee last week to check the place out. It's a new venture of Greg Wallace the guy from Masterchef opened in Putney last month. It was light and spacious and the food looked good. I ordered a latte and a scotch egg. (one of those fancy ones that come cut into wedges on a wooden board and the egg yolk is still warm and gooey)
This combination might sound weird but it wasn't, it was good.
Anyway, I thought the decor slightly pretentious and the choice of vegetables too. However, I returned to buy some of these pretentious vegetables, beetroots to be precise.

To make this salad I used pink, gold and white beetroots. It looks really pretty and colourful although I'm sure it would still look great with the bog standard beetroot we all know and love.

  1. Roast your beetroot whole (or cut in half if huge and roast flesh side down, I only turned to see colour in my photo) in a high oven but covered in foil for a good 1 1/2 hours until you can slide a sharp knife through the middle. I drizzled with olive oil
  2. When cooled a little, peel the skin off and slice.
  3. Marinade in olive oil, lemon juice, finely grated garlic, S&P and shredded mint.
  4. I layered the beetroot over yogurt.

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Erin Graham said...

I had never had these beetroots before now, and these were fantastic! Roasted and yummy! Will have to find somewhere that sells them near me.... :)