Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Snakey Cakey

My baking buddy Hannah asked me if I had seen Jamie Oliver's recipe for Snakey Cakey that he created having visited Marrakesh. She showed me it in his book and I was drooling. So I gave it a go, it looked fun and it was! 
The only thing I changed was using less rose water. I love rose water but only wanted that subtle hint rather than hit so I used half. I jotted down ingredients and made the method up by memory so here goes..

1 Pack of Filo pastry

375g unsalted butter
375g icing sugar
4 eggs
375g ground almonds
50g crushed pistachios
4 tbsp rose water (I used 2)
zest of 1 orange and 1 lemon
1 heaped tbsp of flour

Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
Overlap the filo to about 2m long on a clean countertop.
Spoon out mix in a long line and work quickly, rolling the filo up into a long sausage. (seal with melted butter brushed onto the filo)
Now roll up into a coil and pop into a buttered tin and cook for 45 mins or so on 180C

Jamie served this with a date and orange sauce, I reckon just vanilla icecream would be best, I only had double cream at home.


Anonymous said...


Su-Lin said...

I too watched that programme and the snakey cakey looked amazing! So does yours!

Andy said...

really like the blog - good food, quality pics...and your cakes look the mutt's nuts.


Anonymous said...

Hi, this looks fab! - does anyone know if this can be made in advance and then just cooked before serving? thanks!

Milli said...

I don't see why you couldn't refridgerate it after rolling and then pop it in the oven - would take an extra 5 minutes or so. Thing is, it tastes better at room temp so I reckon just cook it in advance!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for publishing this recipe. I was looking all over the network to find it after watching Jamie Olivers show. I will now frequent your blog all the time. Patty R. New Hampshire USA

Anonymous said...

Any possibility that you could translate this recipe for me into cups. Thank you very much.
Patty R. (Pattyrad@aol.com)

Olga said...

Making it RIGHT NOW. Thank you so much for the recipe. My phyllo dough started to crack as I rolled it, but I think it will turn out just fine.

Anonymous said...

This looks scrumptious! did you usea whole package of dough for this recipe? Also did you butter in between each piece before you rolled it into a coil? Thanks for the great posts ;0

Milli said...

hello! Yes, I used a whole pack and buttered each layer to ensure it stuck and got crispy. Thank you for stopping by!

zara said...

hey, im watching jamie does marakesh and i ut the recie in google and your blog came up haha. your attempt was near enough a spitting image and bet it tasted amazing, well done! im making it for eid this year inshallah, and i cant wait :D:D
follow me? haleebwatamar.blogspot.com if you want :P

Betty's Cuisine said...

I am really grateful that you posted this recipe!
I watched the episode and really loved the snakey cake but I was not sure that I remember the ingredients correctly, so thank you so much!

Linda said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I too watched the program and missed some of the ingredients and hunted the internet to watch the program again but because I'm in Australia, we are not able to access the 4oD channel. Can't wait to make it!

Milli said...

Happy to have been of assistance! x

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