Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Ramen noodles

My favourite Ramen in Japan were with thick noodles in a pork broth with toppings that held their own space on the surface - sliced pork, spring onion, dried seaweed. I'm not fond of that funny pink and white kamaboko :( 

You'll find great noodle places and not so great. We went to one where you click a button on what looks like a vending machine with pictures and a voucher comes out, you hand this to the waitress and wait for your food, very cheap and very salty!! 

So I bought myself some ramen bowls to bring home and as I struggled to fit them in my suitcase I made myself a promise that I would use them when I got home - and not for cereal, but for their intended purpose. You know, I was quite impressed the improvised result was yummy and I jazzed things up a bit with enoki mushrooms and homemade chilli oil. SH-LUUURP.

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