Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Chosan, 292 Upper Richmond Road

Chosan has to be one of my favourite restaurants. It's a lovely little Japanese in Putney run by a man and his wife and it feels like they've welcomed you into their home for dinner. The interior is small and dark, with wooden panels and carpet, slightly mismatched furniture complete with goldfish swimming around a tank.

 The menu is varied enough to keep you coming but not too big that you wonder how they keep everything fresh. Jess and I went for the Special Sushi Boat, which I think was about £16.00 and this included a damn fine miso soup and some fairly average ice cream to finish. As you can see the boat is pretty brimming with beautiful fish and I surprised myself when I couldn't finish it all! They also do good lunch deals, the restaurant is quiet at lunch but peaceful and you can get a yummy bento box. 

I've decided I am going to also snap a pic of who I eat with (if they let me) so a)it doesn't look like I eat out on my own ;) and b)because the friends I dine with are special to me. Jess was sitting up like an eager looking school girl when I walked into Chosan, we hadn't seen each other for a while and it would seem she was brimming over with gossip to tell! 


Su-Lin said...

I wish I knew about this place yesterday! We found ourselves in Putney and we tried a new steak place which was very disappointing. Glad to know this is in the area!

Milli said...

I clicked on your name and found your blog, what a picnic at Henley, it put mine to shame!