Thursday, 1 April 2010

Spain so far

I haven't exactly moved to Spain, I come back to London to see friends, boyfriend and do catering jobs all the time. But to fill you all in on my 'other life' here are a few pics. 

Our neighbour Joaquin dropped over some duck eggs from his farm and I promised Jasmine, my niece a massive golden omelette. It was the most amazing deep orange colour and tasted better than any omelette I've made before. I can't decide whether this is because its a duck egg or because it was so fresh?

This is my nephew Joshua. He is testing my mums pearls to see if they are real. (no, not really he has no teeth, he is trying to eat them) His arms and legs are like stacks of doughnuts all smooth and soft. Mine will be the same very shortly I'm sure if I don't stay off the churros and chocolate! 

Lastly, this is my Kiosk. My father salvaged it for my birthday years ago and I am yet to do it up. I love kiosks and can't wait to make it proud. Watch this space for Project Kiosko!

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