Monday, 26 April 2010

Kobe beef- What's all the fuss about?

I couldn't go to Japan and not try Kobe beef - that would be silly. There are plenty of fine dining restaurants that serve it but they were so expensive and stuffy. We heard of somewhere called Satou which is a small restaurant at the top of a butchers in a market out of town. It only sits about 14 people and there are queues down the stairs and out the door. The queues for their butchers downstairs even crosses the street to the other side. 

The restaurant upstairs is basic, there are about 4 chefs standing behind the grill you can choose the weight of your steak and grade but it would seem it is always accompanied by bean sprouts, miso and a small salad. We were proudly shown our steaks before they were cooked and I was amazed at how much fat was marbled through the meat. 

The chef slices up the steak (would be bit tricky to eat with chopsticks otherwise!) and the first taste was beautiful. I've got to say though, although it really is 'melt in your mouth' type steak, at almost £70 each I was expecting something magical to happen. Three or four bites in, you're looking for something to contrast the texture and soak up a bit of the fatty taste. Truth be told, I preferred the steaks in Argentina, whose cattle hadn't been played music, massaged or fed beer to increase their appetite! 

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