Friday, 9 April 2010

Breakfast - Oyado Ryokan in Takayama

When you're not used to super early starts or sleeping on the floor it takes more than a few moments to take in what is laid in front of you for breakfast in a traditional Japanese Ryokan!
This one was most exciting as in Takayama one of the local delicacies is miso cooked on a magnolia leaf. This was cooking on a tea light burner with tofu, onions and the most delicate mushrooms when we entered for breakfast. 

Pickled vegetables, dried beans, egg, seaweed, squash
Layered omelette 
Miso, tofu and mushrooms cooking on a magnolia leaf

Miso soup

Today we had chairs to sit on (horray) - sitting on the floor difficult when you're not used to it. You have a different yukata to wear for sleeping, breakfast and for dinner! Makes for comfy dining. 

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