Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Churros and my main man at our local

This very day last week,  my friend Lesa and I were ordering churros- far too much churros, nah I think it all went. I have a video of this too, will upload it when I find it! There is serious skill being displayed here, it all happens in about 45 seconds.
 And a mug of hot chocolate on the side mmmmmm...


Su-Lin said...

Love that the churro dough comes out of a tap!

And it was great to meet you yesterday too - and yes, let's do lunch! (Also, your Benedict Bars recipe is totally on my list of stuff to make...)

Milli said...

You have to walk past the churros to get into the cafe, irresistible!

Lovely to meet you the other night, if a little brief, I spent nearly all night in the kitchen, would be good to meet soon, I'm sure we both have a list of places to try.