Sunday, 13 November 2011

Kabocha and Ginger cakes

I am truly sorry for being absent the last few weeks. I was really ill and then got blog block with all sorts of things going on, but I promise there are going to regular updates now as I have a heavy backlog! I had a tooth infection (pesky wisdom) and couldn't eat for 4 days and didn't feel myself, food was the last thing on my mind. That's until I felt faint and picked up a banana at the train station, it was the first time in days I laughed at myself. I had this peeled banana and I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to get it in. I was on an empty train carriage and so I used my oyster card to slice little slithers and pushed them through the gap between my top and bottom teeth. I know, its disgusting, but I was desperate. Anyhow, there I am going about my own business, trying to not to bite and swallow this thing down whole, when I spot a guy at the end of the carriage watching me..should have been mortified but I found it pretty funny.
Anyway, I'm better, I feel good and I got back in the kitchen and got going with some experimental cooking. I am trying my hand at making up some Japanese desserts and so far, so good.
Start by chopping up 400g of Japanese pumpkin (kabocha) or butternut squash, and pop in a pan with
100ml water, 60ml orange juice, 1/2tsp cinnamon, 1tsp ground ginger, 1tbsp brown sugar, dash of vanilla. Simmer and turn the pieces for 8-10 mins until they soften.
Now pop into a food processor and blend until smooth. Then push through a seive.
Chop up 3 pieces of stem ginger in syrup and fold into a sponge batter mix with the pumpkin puree. Sponge mix - 100g caster sugar, 100g butter unsalted, 100g self raising flour and 2 large eggs. 
You can bake in a tin like a sponge (I would add 5 mins to cooking time) or you can put in silicone moulds, it keeps its shape well and these took 15 minutes. Once the sponge cools slightly, drizzle with the stem ginger syrup. 
I had friends over for Japanese curry and so we just had these little cakes with vanilla ice cream, more ginger, sesame and sugared lily but I also tried chocolate and making mini ones for canapes. Next time I think white chocolate would taste better. So, that's it, hope you make it! 



Anonymous said...

Welcome back xxx

Milli said...

thank you x