Sunday, 19 December 2010

Varkala, South India

 The idea of posting every evening beautiful photos and stories of my travels hasn't quite materialised. You see, Nick connected his camera to a computer and got a nasty virus type thing and now I am petrified to do the same. I have however had the idea of snapping a few inferior shots of things on the old mobile and sending them to myself to upload via email. Great idea in theory, but these Indian computers are slow and mentally challenging so let's just start with a couple at a time! Here is the beach at Varkala where we were a few days ago, staying in a beautiful Villa where we had breakfast on the terrace and were bought threaded jasmine chains in the evening with cupboard door handles made of taps. The restaurants on the cliff above the beach all compete for your choice with displays of their catch of the day. There was everything from crabs, to squid, tiger prawns, swordfish, tuna and snapper. The snapper was so good, skewered and cooked in a tandoor oven that we had it two nights running, it's odd bartering for your supper but pretty rewarding too. We drank beer from coffee mugs (alcohol prohibited here) and watched the sun set over the sea. A stifling hour long walk into town and never seen fish being sold like this. So fresh on the hill top ladies were sitting on crates and buckets selling fish covered in sand, a couple still flapping about.
We're off to Goa tomorrow, so will have to fill you in on Cochin and Munnar - note to self ;)

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