Thursday, 7 October 2010

Tom's 30th Chocolate Crown Cake

I've got to say, I'm not a chocolate lover (although I did eat a family pack of Maltesers for dinner on hangover Sunday- oops) So I looked to Peggy Porschen for her Rich Chocolate cake recipe because Tom likes my brownies and so I knew a sponge wouldn't do! You need to bake each cake according to the size of the tin - 30 mins for small, 45 for large. I made the cake out of 6 cakes, 3 sandwiched together. The only thing I added to the recipe (because I can't help interfering) was a tsp of molasses to the cake and then I made a rich ganache of chocolate and cream with a good glug of baileys. I also spread one cake with raspberry jam and soaked the raspberries in cassis before topping the ganache. 

It's important to wait until the cakes are completely cool before you work with them and wrap them overnight in paper and then foil. I had fun with cocoa butter transfer sheets and chocolate paste for the cake board dusted with gold dust, fit for a king!