Friday, 22 October 2010

LuLu and Co & Harvey Nichols

I was asked to do a churros kiosk at Harvey Nichols 5th floor space for a party ... churros just so happens to be a little weakness of mine so was there in a shot. The theme was Disco Mexicana for the LuLu and Co Launch Party. Fiona Leahy organised the event and it looked just spectacular - check out their blog. The party went with a bang and Bistroteque cooked up a Mexican storm from their "Bistrotaco" kitchen. (Just so happened to have had an amazing night at Bistroteque on Fri..must blog that)

I'm sure I'll get some more photos in time, at the moment I only have a few before shots before the party got going and I got too busy frying batch after batch of fresh hot churros to serve with chocolate sauce, Dulce de leche, sprinkles, chocolate chips, coconut or hazelnuts.

 The first guests arrive..

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