Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The East Hill, Alma Road, Wandsworth

I needed a place to eat in Wandsworth the other night and my friend Jo recommended that I try the East Hill. Her reccomendations have always been fab (best of - The Thomas Cubitt which we had an incredible roast)
I googled it to check the address and the reviews on this place are mixed and I think the most common posting is that it's too expensive for a neighbourhood boozer. I don't think its the kind of place you go every day after work. Although that would be nice, it has a wonderfully chilled out atmosphere and on a cold night you walk in, shake your coat off and feel all warm and happy (see Colly below and how warm and happy she  looks!) To be honest I thought it was great value, Coll and I had Gin and tonics, 2 courses and shared a bottle of wine and paid £25 each for what was a really great meal. The highlight of which had to be Colly's Fish and chips, and chips in particular, still thinking about them! 

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