Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Brindisa, London Bridge

So, Nick has moved house and it's ten minutes away from Borough Market, I can hear pennies falling from my pocket. No, make that pounds! But it's great to explore a new area of food and drink. On Sunday night our friend James treated us to a meal at Brindisa, how very kind. 

We munched our way through tapas of prawns, lamb chops, squid, mushrooms, sea bass... and then only managed one pud between the four of us! 

The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and you wont find many restaurants in London with better service. The food is delicious and perfectly seasoned (no salt or pepper on the tables!) The food comes dish by dish when it is ready straight from the open kitchen. 

The menu is divided into Aperitif Snacks, Acorn fed Iberico charcuterie, Fine Cured Fish, speciality cheeses, omelettes and main tapas plates.
We had a few more dishes than pictured and for four of us the bill came to £130 without wine. 

I think the photos will say it all..  

We shared a perfect match of sweet juicy strawberries and sharp but creamy ice cream.