Friday, 18 June 2010

Herb box

I wanted to show off my window box.I 'm growing coriander, cumin, ginger mint, dark opal basil, napolitano basil and sweet basil. The cumin is going mental.
I am especially proud of it as it is not on the window but inside the window. When you live on the 5th floor it's not the best idea to hang a window box, very dangerous indeed, although 'killed by falling herbs' does sound romantic my box is soooo heavy. 
Plus, I even checked outside the bathroom window for suitability as it looks out onto a closed courtyard where there aren't any passers by, alas it must be a wind tunnel as I spotted a fallen Michelangelo's David lying there abandoned in the middle of the courtyard. Can you see it?! It made me laugh because I'm a meanie.

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