Monday, 1 August 2011

Japanese ginger meatballs

I think the fact that I've already cooked over half of the dishes that I have learnt with Reiko at Hashi cooking classes ( at home, speaks volumes about her classes. I have yet to blog them all so here is the first.
First put all the below ingredients into a bowl and squelch together in your hands (best way to describe it!)
200g  minced beef
200g  minced pork
6 stalks of spring onion (white part for meat balls, green part for sprinkling as garnish)
1 tbsp  grated ginger
1 egg
2 tsp  sesame oil
Salt & white pepper

 Now add 1 tbsp  corn flour, little by little until the mix is slightly elastic.
 Heat wok to 180C and meanwhile shape the meatballs and dust with cornflour.  Drop the meat balls into the oil and deep fry them until the surface becomes crispy. This may take 2-3 minutes, depending on the size of the meat balls. Take the meat balls out onto the plate with kitchen towel.
 These are the ingredients for the sweet and sour sauce.
100ml  soy sauce
1 tsp  dashi powder
3 tbsp  sugar
2 tbsp  sake
4 tbsp  rice vinegar
100ml  water
1 tbsp  corn flour, plus 3 tbsp water

Put all the ingredients for the sauce except for the corn flour & water mixture into a large frying pan. Turn the heat to medium. When the sauce mixture starts to bubble, add the meat balls into the pan.
Cook the meat balls for one minute by shaking the pan. Then pour the corn flour & water mixture into the pan and shake until the sauce becomes thick.
Transfer meat balls with the sauce and sprinkle sesame seeds and chopped green part of spring onion on the top. Serve with rice. 

I have cooked these twice now and it seems kids and adults both love them, they also freeze very well.

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