Thursday, 7 February 2013

Jewellery Box Cake


When I make a cake for an order, I place the lid carefully on the box and all I can do is cross my fingers that the recipient will be pleased with it. When making them for friends you get to see their faces light up and it's a lovely feeling. My friend Coll isn't just a best friend, she is a SUPER best friend with super powers. 
We met in the first week of uni at rugby trials and she explained the rules to me, thrilled she lived in the same halls, we lived together for 3 years. Without friends like Coll (and others) I don't know how I would have got through last year. It's the small things that make friendship so amazing; bringing me up a beer on her way out to a night out because I am stuck inside with a cake order or bringing me hangover cures on a Sunday when I'm suffering, eek!
So, the cake. We both share a love of all things kitsch. Love a bit of Hello Kitty, love a bit of tat. So I thought a jewellery box of trinkets would be cute. Everything was made of icing/edible but the mirror. The two gold rings are the rings that Coll gave me for my Birthday. I know you can't keep a cake, so I made the rose out of flower paste so there was something for keeps.


good times tora said...

ok, that's just amazing. I'm not sure I would forgive myself for cutting into it though...

sophie // the cake hunter said...

that cake is stunning! I'm so bad at sugarcraft, I wish I could make a cake like that. I agree with tora, I'm not sure I could cut into it :)

Unknown said...

Absolutely amazing. I have never seen a more unique and adorable cake. Wouldn't that just be every girl's dream cake!

KyokoT said...

Incredible Milli, so much detail! I can't decide if this or the handbag is better!

Milli said...

Tora - the difficult cakes to cut are the baby animals or faces!

The cake hunter- I have never been to a class, I promise you can do it.. it just takes a bit of practice. Think of it like playing with play-doh!

Thyme Sarah - Thank you! It was fun to dream it up in my head and meant that I had nothing to compare it with.

KokoT - I wish I could have done more detail, like the hinges but I ran out of time and there was partying to do!

Chris said...

Amazing Mills...I was always good with Play-doh at nursery so that gives me some confidence. Now how about some Banana loaf? lol xx

India - myuniyears said...

This is unbelievable! Just showed my friend and she didn't believe me that it was made out of cake! X

Milli said...

Chris- give it a bash!

Milli said...

India- thank you so much!

Hannah said...

Looking to make something like this for my daughters 8th birthday. What did you put under the lid to keep it in place?

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