Thursday, 20 September 2012

Salted Caramel Brownies

I do not like cakey brownies. I do not like hard brownies. I like squidgy, goey brownies. I don't really like nutty brownies, cheesecake layered brownies or blondies. I've got my favourite recipe (base) and I've kind of stuck to it, recently I've been playing around with Japanese flavours, miso caramel concoctions and yuzu and cocoa nib... it started when a friend suggested I bake these brownies for her wedding from the Poires Au Chocolat blog and thought it wouldn't be the end of the world to loosen up a bit and try a new flavour..these are squidgy, salty caramel bites of sheer joy. And if I can tempt you with a follow up of fudge that not only melts on the tongue, but sings...scroll on
You must try these and don't let the pan size stop you if you don't have one, I just shoved mine up one end and held the brownie in with some moulds and an egg carton. I use this MAGICAL stuff from lakeland, its foil on one side and wax paper on the other... it works a dream from baking brownies to steaming fish. Buy here
 So from salted caramel brownies to salted caramel fudge...
Fits a 20x30cm brownie pan
850g Caster Sugar
300g Glucose Syrup
300g Unsalted butter
650g Double cream
200g Milk chocolate (melted and cooled)
Finish with coarse sea salt sprinkled over the fudge just after pouring it in to the pan
1.     Everything but the chocolate in to a heavy based saucepan. Cook to 120c degrees
2.     Remove from heat and stir for about 20 seconds to let off some of the heat.
3.     Carefully mix in the melted chocolate
4.     Pour into a greased and linked tray that has been warmed
5.     Sprinkle with salt
Set for a few hours, cut in to desired shapes, leave to dry out slightly before packaging