Monday, 17 October 2011


From the seaweed butter to the Russian tea cups and crazy decor, Sketch isn't going to be a forgettable lunch experience. Greeted with such warm welcome, we were led up a wide, dark staircase before huge, heavy doors to were flung open and the splendour of the dining room was flooded with daylight. The attention to detail here is something the team at Sketch must be proud of, not only in the food but small things like having a small table by your chair to pop your bag on, the most attentive staff and the toilets, well, they are worth a trip here alone. So, the set lunch started with a glass of champagne and six little starters, which all had their own talking point. The real excitement for me was the main. I would go as far to say that the chicken and marinaded aubergine is one of the most wonderful things I have ever eaten. I imagine they cook it sous vide style and god knows what they do to the aubergines but it was a dish I was sad to finish and will return for, no doubt.
Salted seaweed butter
Foie Gras, Pickled cherries, chocolate, pane Carasau
Sea bream carpaccio, samphire, oil emulsified with passionfruit, cucumber and radish.
Poached quail egg, watercress puree, pickled girolles and brioche
Tomato and strawberry soup with a cucumber sorbet
Warm Mackerel tartar, crustace Bisque, Black ink Gnocchi, sauteed squid
Roast cornfield Chicken, walnuts and pecan nuts, marinated aubergine, crunchy onions with cider vinegar and herbs bouillon
I'm not sure what this crazy dessert was, it was unashamedly flamboyant and reminded me of something Mr Blobby might have eaten! On top of the mousse sat a sphere of nougat meringue encasing a scoop of tart raspberry sorbet, what fun.
Three courses including coffee and petit fours £35.00 or 48.00 including half mineral water and half wine.
If you are in to your interior design, a walk around the whole of Sketch is really exciting. What astonished me was that the lamps were pretty ugly and the carpet reminded me of an airport lounge but put it all together and it works, tremendously. The chairs are heavy, soft and comfortable. The cutlery and the champ buckets were gorgeous.  Look up and you'll see a beautiful oculus in the celing and projector screens with the faint impression of faces. There's plenty here to keep your eyes busy and mind amused. 

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