Thursday, 23 September 2010

Cute things

In Spanish restaurants you can usually see the desserts as you walk through the door in a tall fridge. You can guess what will be in there too.... arroz con leche, 'pudding', creme caramel, natilla, tocino de cielo.. and then at the bottom of the fridge at toddler height are all the plastic toy like ice creams. Today I succumbed and I bought myself a Pingu ice cream, I was so happy! 

Another cute thing I came across today was when I was making sweet potato gratin and this potato thought it was a flower, see you wouldn't get that at home because apparently us British wont buy irregular looking veg in the supermarket! Reminded me of Nursery when you make potato stamps with poster paint.

And how can I post cute things and not put a piccy up of Josh my nephew, his sweetness surpasses all those hopefulls in the dessert fridge!