Monday, 17 May 2010

Hazelnut Floppy Tops

I wanted to create a recipe for something bite size and sort of Italian for the new Deli. I've got to say, these were really scrumptious. They look like brownies but when you take a bite, the inside is almost fluffy and really moist. The Italian flavours to me are the rich chocolate, brandy and toasted hazelnut and the dusting of gold on the top for decadence sake! I was a bit surprised when i could see them doubling in size but that's how airy they are. I took them out to cool upside down so they flopped, then covered in chocolate and more chopped hazelnuts. 
Recipe below-

4 medium eggs
200g jar of nutella (wash out jar and keep as a glass!) 
60g of unsalted butter, melted
1 capful of brandy
60g of ground hazelnuts or almonds
60g melted chocolate

Toasted chopped hazelnuts and melted white and dark chocolate for decoration


Beat the nutella with the melted butter and tiny pinch of salt and add the brandy.
Mix in the melted chocolate and ground nuts and egg yolks.
Beat the egg whites until they form soft peaks and then loosen up the mix with a spoonful, stirring. 
When loosened, start to fold gently the remaining egg whites.

Spoon into a pre greased mini muffin tray and bake on 180C for 12 minutes (check if ready and firm on top. 

Cool on wire rack, unside down before decorating. 

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