Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Quick Croissants

Happy National Croissant Day! Any excuse. Croissants for a breakfast meeting make it worth getting up early for. I googled quick croissant dough and up popped Edd Kimber's recipe. It was really very easy, but does need a rest overnight. See recipe here
The recipe made 7


the cake hunter said...

genius! I love making pastries but it takes sooo long. These look lovely as well, I just need some butter, jam and a hot coffee :)

good times tora said...

I would be so impressed if people brought home made croissants into a morning meeting...and grateful!

Cannella Vita said...

These look so simple! I have a very involved croissant recipe that always yields great results from Cook's Illustrated, but these look so lovely! I will definitely save the recipe!

Milli said...

the cake hunter - yes, I loaded them up with butter and jam. However buttery a croissant, it needs butter and jam, loads of it!

tora - one day, we will meet and I will make you croissants!

Cannella Vita- ooh do you have a link? I absolutely adore your blog.

avisionthing said...

yum yum yum. as i type i have a plate of three croissants in front of me - you could say i'm a fan. definitely going to try these.

Katie said...

OMG, those look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I want to lick the screen.


Milli said...

A vision thing- I like a girl who eats three croissants in one sitting!

Katie- Thanks, they were yummy, especially warm from the oven but nothing like as good as doing them properly with a laminated dough. Do you have 2 days to spare though?!

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