Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lentils & rice with eggs and asparagus

I have been on a week-long soup 'n' painkiller diet. 
You see, I had my wisdom teeth out on Monday and things were a little bit miserable and sore for a while. Who am I kidding, it still hurts, but I'm on the mend and I guess what I’m trying to say is, sorry I’ve been dormant all week. I’m back.
When you’ve been starved all week, you over indulge. It started on Friday night, BYO and burritos in Soho with the girls. Saturday- lunch from the Southbank market, walked off round the Tate and back to The scooter bar for beers in what was a tease of sunshine and then to a Malaysian Supperclub by Wild Serai meeting wonderful new people over chilli crab. Sunday was a lovely day too, spent with the family in the country, walks and a Rib roast. If that wasn’t enough, yesterday Reiko invited a few of us to the soft opening of Sticks n Sushi in Wimbledon, which was beautiful. I can see myself becoming a regular there.

So after all that, my appetite for blogging is back. Time to share a lunch I made last week in Spain. It is sort of like Kosheri. 
Serves 4
Steam 2 cups of rice with a little bit of butter and simmer away 1 cup lentils ..meanwhile
Fry 1/2 cup chorizo and 1/2 cup onion (I didn't use garlic here but you could)
Add some chopped kale to the pan.
Fluff up the rice in a bowl, add the lentils, chorizo, onions and kale. Season with salt and pepper, 1/2tsp cinnamon, 1/2tsp nutmeg.
Bring a pan of water to the boil and add 4 eggs. Simmer for 6 1/2 mins and peel. Griddle some aspagus and tuck in. Delish warm, cold or as leftovers.


Su-Lin said...

You can make lentils and rice look like food fit for a king! Beautiful!

Unknown said...

Looks amaaaazing!! Love rice, love eggs, love asparagus! ;)

Milli said...

Thanks guys, it's a perfect match.