Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Charitable Pasta

What a find. I found this pasta machine in the window of an Oxfam shop for £12, that is way cheap and I also think it's quite cute. I wasn't sure it was going to work when I got home, maybe there was a screw missing of it was broken? Why else would you give this little gizmo away?
Well, it works a charm and it made good pasta. 
I made ricotta, chilli, lemon zest, and mint ravioli and then I made some pappardelle with pesto for a snack with the scraps. I go with one egg to 100g of "OO" flour. When I asked for this in waitrose the guy sniggered and said in front of his mate "no we don't have any James Bond Flour" then he clasped his fingers into the shape of a gun -dear oh dear. I bought mine off a guy who owns an Italian deli but it isn't hard to find.
Work has been hard this week, I am very tired and don't have it in me to write up the recipe, lets learn by pictures kids...night night x

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