Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mini Macaron break

A couple of weeks ago I was working in New Bond St when I thought I would pop out for a midday breather. I walked up Conduit Street and thought I would take my chances at popping in to see my friend Emily who works in the Sketch head office. She was out running some errands but made me hand over my mobile to David, the restaurant manager who declared I must come in and stay for tea. I told him I only had five minutes so I would probably head back and pop by another time. He told me this was nonsense and that I must take a box of Pierre Gagnaire's new line of Macarons. Well, I wasn't going to turn down that, and in  seconds he was back at my table with a glass of champagne, a box of macarons and a paper to have a read over whilst I sat there indulging myself. What a treat. Thank you Emily, truly some of the best I have ever tasted. 
And by the way, for those who are confused.. a Macaroon refers to the English coconut cake your nan made, a Macaron is the the French confection below. Best break EVER> 

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