Thursday, 12 August 2010


I apologise, I have been on Holiday and haven't blogged a thing. This doesn't mean a break from cooking or baking though so there will be more posts to follow from the backlog! It was my Birthday a couple of days ago so let's start with that, what a wonderful day. We started off in the Village with Churros so sort of knew it would be a good day... churros is a sweet batter that's piped into a vat of oil and then served hot with a thick hot chocolate for dipping - naughty breakfast! 

We then made our way to the lakes for lunch and swimming..

Nearly lost my ice cream....

It had been a long, hot day - little nap to gear up for later 

My Birthday cake. Dad picked up from the village, think it might have been a display cake as have no idea who these girls are on the top and when I went to cut it, the middle was polystyrene - Nice! 

Barbeque dinner

When my 'real' cake came out I cried! I'm not sure if it was the alcohol or because it was Hello Kitty (my favourite) or because not many people make cakes for me, whatever it was it was delicious and very cute! I especially liked the vanilla pod whiskers!

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