Sunday, 7 February 2010

Valentines Hearts

So my boyfriend doesn't like cake, or pudding, or sweet stuff. If I suggest even the most irresistible dessert the reply will be "I'd rather some nice cheese and biscuits to be honest"
ANYWAY this will not deter me. I am baking valentines hearts for my friends Miranda and Squeeze.

I've bought the cutest bright pink silicone heart tin and with a spray of baking grease and your favourite cupcake recipe in any flavour, they are really simple.
I baked mine at 180C for 13 minutes.

Once cooled a little turn out onto a wire rack.
I made many varieties (not pictured) In chocolate, vanilla, desiccated coconut and sandwiches all of them in buttercream and good quality strawberry jam.

It's fun to roll the sides through sprinkles or coconut but also in contrast to just cover the tops on some!

My favourite were the little victoria sponge style hearts just dusted with icing sugar.