Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Malaysian Supper Club in Putney

If you love food (I'm guessing that's why you are here) and you haven't been to a supperclub, you need to get yourself a seat pronto. There are so many new and exciting nights out there. I have been with friends and I have toddled off on my own, it's a great way to meet new people with similar interests and an even better way of tasting authentic food you may not find in restaurants. 

I first tasted May's cooking at her Malaysian Supper club hosted by Luiz @thelondonfoodie in his beautiful Islington home. I was really blown away with the effort, presentation, taste and generosity of the evening. My friend and I left groaning with our bellies full of the most delicious home style cooked Malaysian feast. A few months later, May emailed me saying that she was cooking again, but this time closer to home in Clapham, so off I went and it tasted every bit as good as I had remembered. We got chatting after supper and decided that Putney needed a dose of May's Beef Rendang!

What with hosting my first Supperclub over two nights, there wasn't a lot of time for pictures as May and I had to move furniture, shop and cook but here are some Iphone pics to tempt you into booking our next one. I missed a pic of one dish (the clams)

Setting up the first table, oooh the excitement
May making the chilli paste to stuff the mackerel 
Elderflower cooler as soft alternative to prosecco welcome drink
Wood ear mushroom, poached chicken, shallot, chilli and lime canapé

Guests seated..

Gado Gado salad
Stir fried prawns with curry leaves

Chilli stuffed mackerel

Beef Rendang
Sambal eggs (and aubergine, not pictured)
 Pineapple salad
 Coconut and toasted peanut rice
Meringues with rose cream and tropical fruit salad
Oh and on the second night there was a birthday, so we made a monster of a chocolate, meringue and raspberry cake served with raspberry coulis and salted caramel brownies.
Look out for upcoming Dates on my twitter @milliskitchen or from May @malaysianbymay 


Anonymous said...

What a post! Good to have you back Mils :)

good times tora said...

Very good to have you back! I would absolutely love to come to one of these!! Will you be doing a Spanish night? :)

good times tora said...

Very good to have you back! I would absolutely love to come to one of these!! Will you be doing a Spanish night? :)

Skin and Blister said...

Ah, it's a small world! I've been going to some of the Ladies in Blogging events that May organises.

Will keep my eye out for future dates as this food looks ahhmazing! x

thelittleloaf said...

You know I've never been to a supper club... apart from on my hen do but our group was the whole party so I guess it doesn't really count. This looks fAB - what an amazing thing to do :-)

Malaysian By May said...

That was a really fun supperclub to do and we had such a fun bunch of guests. Am planning the menu for the next ones in the Autumn.

Milli said...

Anon- I am trying harder :)
Good times Tora - Spanish night is a great idea, I'm game!
Skin and Blister- hello! We're doing them again on the last two weeks of August, come!
Thelittleloaf- I just love them and have met some wicked people attending them. It's a great way to sample authentic cuisines from home cooks
May- such fun! I need my rendang fix pronto!

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