Tuesday 7 October 2014

Party-perfect Bites

Hi Everyone, I've written my first cookbook!

It's called Party-Perfect Bites, it's out tomorrow and I can't believe I haven't mentioned it on here yet! I'm always being asked for my recipes when I cater events, so here it is, over 100 tasty canapé ideas. The book goes around the world starting with the Med...

North African and Middle Eastern
The Americas  
then there's the best bit, 
Sweet Bites

There are 50 dairy free recipes, over 40 vegetarian and I lost count of how many are gluten free
I've popped some images (photographer by my super talented pal Helen Cathcart) below so you can have a sneak peek at some of the recipes. It's crazy to see my awkward little face on the jacket with my name under 'author and food stylist', I can't wait for my publisher to send my copy over. 
Pre orders are important because it assures book sellers that I’ve written a book that people are excited about and want to buy, so they will stock it in lots of shops. If you think you may like a copy, please head over to amazon, where you can buy it for the discounted price of £12 (25% off) or it will be stocked in shops on the high street such as Waterstones very soon! 
I hope you will be cooking from the book in time for your Christmas entertaining and invite me round.
Love Milli x 

Pre-order your copy here


victorias alphabet soup said...

Phwoar! It all looks so delicious! Huge congratulations, you clever thing. I have just preordered a copy, but please can I get it signed by the author when it arrives?! xxx

Miyuki Pleece said...

Well done Milli. These photos of the pages are delightful. I have a look at them every day just for the pleasure of it. Good luck with the book sales...you worked really hard to produce the book and you deserve to do well. x

Kate said...

I am SO excited about this book. Just in time for Christmas party season, hurrah! x

Unknown said...

Well done Milli
I cooked scrabled egg on my own

Susan said...

I'm so terrifically proud and impressed. Sending HUGE hugs from Seattle. XOXOXXOXOXX

Flor Bibiloni said...

Hi Milli my name is Flor I'm an Argentinean living in Edinburgh. For me food is culturally essential.
I have grown up in a family where food was the centre of our gatherings and every time we travelled we looked for new recipes, flavours, ideas...
My family recipes have been descending from generation to generation and we love to "celebrate food"
I have found your book looking for new inspiration but when I checked in amazon I found out it's sold out!
Good for you!,
But cold you please let me know where can I buy it?
Thanks! Flobibiloni@gmail.com

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