Tuesday 2 September 2014

Rhino Cake

I know, I know.. I hadn't forgotten I had a blog, but I had just forgotten my log in details,so deserve a slap on the wrist. I think one thing I could blame my tardiness on, is Instagram. I just snap, upload, and it takes all of 3 seconds, no logging in required. Are you on it? Shall we follow each other? 
I'm @millitaylor. When this blog finally gets a makeover, I'll make a tab for it, along with a twitter (I'm @milliskitchen on that), and a blogroll. Small steps.
Anyway, thought I would share some pics of the Rhino cake that I made this weekend. My friend Hannah named him Ronnie and I grew quite attached to him and his sad eyes.
He was a yummy Victoria sponge inside and although I was tempted to make larger ears out of sugar paste, I made smaller ones out of fondant so that someone could eat them.

I got him wading in a lake, I grew conscious after a couple of google image searches that it could end up looking like a poached Rhino if his head was in the grass :( 
DID YOU KNOW that a rhino's horn is not bone and isn't attached to it's skull? It's made of Keratin, the same stuff that our hair and nails are made up of. Wowzers (thanks for the fun fact, han) 
The ears are my favourite, what's your favourite bit? 


Han McCann said...

Ah Mills, so glad you put it on the blog, Ronnie looks absolutely incredible! haha love the Keratin fun fact x

Christmas Catering London said...

Amazing idea! This is the first time I saw a Rhino cake. Thank you for sharing this.

Kavey said...

I love rhinos... he's utterly incredible. I mean, truly, WOW!

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