Sunday, 3 November 2013

Halloween Supperclub!

The lights were dimmed, the cocktails mixed and The Monster Mash was the first song on the soundtrack. I was so excited to welcome our first guest to my Halloween Supperclub! I loved every minute of the evening, Sam and Hannah were not only SUPER helpers, but also a laugh in the kitchen. Playing host and cook for 16, I didn't catch all of it on camera. I almost wondered if there was any point in trying to piece together this post, a mix of SLR and iphone pics, and some courses not pictured at all, but I think the following give you an idea.  
Bocconcini, olive, basil and Parma ham eyeball canapés  
 Mummified finger sausages with spicy ketchup
'Green gunk guacamole with witches hat crackers. I made the crackers with squid ink and chilli powder.. recipe soon, they were delish.
Smoked salmon mousse braaaaiiiiin served with tabasco on bread
Overcooked tapioca for a slimy finish to the cocktail jugs!
 Hanging bats.. they creeped me out.
Then there was spicy pumkin soup with black sesame (not pictured)
The main course was shoulder of lamb, rolled with the neck fillet and roasted for 4 hours, with cavolo nero, baby carrots, 'mash ghosts' and Sam's addictive gravy.

The grand finale was my severed FOOT CAKE. It looked gross but tasted good. Squidgy chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream and hot salted caramel sauce.
I made worms out of strawberry jelly to throw on the cake at the last minute with crumbled chocolate cake for soil (not pictured)
After bowls of foot, came brain shots. Baileys poured over peach schnapps so it curdled. All in all a rather disgusting but enjoyable night.


victorias alphabet soup said...

Wow! That all looks so awesome. Really wish I could have made it.

Susan said...

This is completely amazing, Milli! I LOVE THE FOOT! Those toenails are KILLING me. X

Foodnerd4life said...

Wow all this food looks amazing. The eyeballs are creepy!

FoodNerd x

thelittleloaf said...

Your creativity and talent never ceases to amaze me! That foot is truly disgusting but I bet it tasted divine :-)

anna @ annamayeveryday said...

It all looks fabulous. Creepy, disgusting and weird but delicious at the same time if that makes sense!

good times tora said...

Milli- this is so friggin' cool! And you look lovely in the picture with you and your revolting, yet obviously delicious, foot dessert. I want to come to one of your supper clubs!!!

Shu Han said...

That foot is frigging awesome! Argh I move away and you decide to host all these cool popups and supperclubs?! I'll make sure I go for one of these when I'm back, promise x

Shu Han said...

That foot is frigging awesome! Argh I move away and you decide to host all these cool popups and supperclubs?! I'll make sure I go for one of these when I'm back, promise x

Milli said...

Thank you, everyone. It was indeed all disgusting looking, but there were no leftovers, put it that way ;) X

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