Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pug Cake!

It's a funny thing, sculpting something lifelike out of a block of icing. Pugs seem to have become a bit of a craze recently, tiny little dogs that look like they couldn't stop their feet in time from running into/face planting a wall. They are cute though, I've met one and they are funny little things with zany personalities. At first the face looking back at me just had that freaked out look and I felt funny pushing those googly eyes in their sockets.. but at the finish, as I sprayed her eyes glossy, she looked back at me and I couldn't help but stroke her little flat nose.
I only got a fuzzy pic of the final cake but this wee pug crowned a big choc cake surrounded with glossy love hearts. I sprayed the eyes shiny too which really brought her to life but I don't like fuzzy photos so you'll have to excuse me.


thelittleloaf said...

Too cute! And slightly scary :-) You're so talented!

Milli said...

Thanks, I'm just waiting for my next animal cake order now, I really enjoyed creating her!

the cake hunter said...

That is incredible! I want a pug cake!

Tang said...

This. Is. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

yay - they loved it!!! x

good times tora said...

this is so good. really amazing!

Annika said...

Wow! It looks great. And I agree, slightly scary. But so well done!

Milli said...

thanks sophie, we could make one together and stuff the pug with date caramel brownies mmm

Milli said...

Thanks Cherry, you can get quite wrapped up in whether or not it looks like the photograph but she was such fun to make.

Milli said...

I'm guessing this is Anna, horay! X

Milli said...

Thanks Tora.. I need to email you about something.. want you to come to London in may x

Milli said...

I know, I was worried I was going to have freaky-eyed pug dreams, but I didn't! ;)

Katie said...

Oh my, don't take this the wrong way but this is kinda creepy!!! You obviously have mad skillz in the cake decorating department though. Go you!

Gujjar said...

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