Thursday, 13 January 2011

Indian Sweets!

Wandering around a foreign city with a heavy backpack and the sun blazing makes rocking up expecting to find some last minute accommodation exhausting... but it's rewarding when you do find something. Same goes for reading about a restaurant in the Lonely Planet or on the internet or looking for somewhere recommended from a friend, just not when it happens to be closed that day, or even worse... it's closed down altogether (and this happened a few times) this normally happens when you've travelled far to get there and the restaurant is in the middle of nowhere! The best experiences are often the ones you stumble across yourself and although it may have been there for thirty years and a firm local favourite, you still feel like you've discovered something yourself. That goes for this little sweet shop, a gem in the midst of many a grey shop or cafe, in a dirty and uninspiring part of town. A window of colourful chewy sweetness, of shimmering silver leaf and kids and adults alike wide-eyed and tiptoeing over the heads of customers who got there first. I bought the smallest box I could (Nick doesn't like sweet things) and ate as much as I could before leaving half a box to the security guy at the hotel as they are made with fresh milk and couldn't bear to see these beautiful treats spoil. Having said that, there was so much sugar in those things I don't think it was a real concern!

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