Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Get well soon smoothie

I've been ill for a few days now and I'm just getting over it, boo hoo for me it's been horrible. But you should see me now on my pink sofa with my pink pj's and pinker than pink smoothie. It's a 'get well me' smoothie with yogurt, berries, orange juice and agave nectar. Agave nectar is amazing, I love it - It tastes like a light golden syrup but its 100% natural squeezed from the prickly pith of Mexico's Blue Weber Agave plant. It's also really low GI - gotta be a plus. 


Pep Cougar said...

another low g.i syrup - is brown rice syrup. it's great for homemade protein bars if that's your bag!
Still loving the blog

Milli said...

oh thanks pep! Do you get food and travel out where you are? Todays came with a mag on canada and made me think of you! x